Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 36, Scarf 36: Yellow Allsorts

After having knitted a pink allsorts scarf, I really felt that it needed a buddy. Would you believe that when I went to my parents' house yesterday my dad had another huge bag of yarn for me from his friend Cameron at work and in that bag the was the perfect yellow for an allsort?! It turns out that Cameron's wife Grace (who donated the last big bag of yarn) has a friend, Arlyn, who is also an avid knitter! I am now happily swimming in yarn! Thank you so much Arlyn and Grace...and Cameron for being the delivery man!


  1. P-nut, your work is fantastic! I love the sushi training kit! Wow!!

  2. Thanks! Grace and I are very impressed by your "one scarf a day" challenge. Nice work!