Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 37, Scarf 37: Wine with Brunch

Today we had my parents and Max's parents over for brunch and, you guessed it, once we had finished eating I started knitting! There was much debate over the name for this scarf but I've decided that the name should honour what we were doing at the time it was made as well as it's colour (wine). It's amazing how quickly the knitting goes when you have family chatting with you!

Day 36, Scarf 36: Yellow Allsorts

After having knitted a pink allsorts scarf, I really felt that it needed a buddy. Would you believe that when I went to my parents' house yesterday my dad had another huge bag of yarn for me from his friend Cameron at work and in that bag the was the perfect yellow for an allsort?! It turns out that Cameron's wife Grace (who donated the last big bag of yarn) has a friend, Arlyn, who is also an avid knitter! I am now happily swimming in yarn! Thank you so much Arlyn and Grace...and Cameron for being the delivery man!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 35, Scarf 35: Undecided Newsprint

Well, this black, white and grey scarf just couldn't decide if it wanted to be smooth or fuzzy! Instead, it has turned itself into a striped fuzzy/non-fuzzy scarf! The yarn used to knit this scarf was donated by my friend Angela and my cousin Diana. Thank you for the yarn donations!

Day 34, Scarf 34: Allsorts

As I knitted this scarf my mouth kept watering for the pink, white and black marshmallowy, licoricey bits of candy Allsorts! I was reminded of how, as a child, my dad would let me eat all of the sweet white and pink parts and give him the left over licorice to eat! The scarf was made with the pink alpaca yarn from my friend Angela and the black and white yarn from my cousin Diana.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 33, Scarf 33: Twin

Well, with all of the meetings and craziness of preparing my Masters application I had very little time to be creative with colour choice today! I decided to go with exactly the same yarn as the previous scarf to make life easier!

Day 32, Scarf 32: Masters in Knitting

Yesterday's scarf was a whirlwind of knitting as I am working on an application to do my masters degree. Somehow I managed to get a scarf out yesterday but my mind was definitely not on it! It was knit, knit, knit, write, write, write the whole way through!

Monday, January 25, 2010

One month of scarves: Dec. 26th, 2009 - Jan. 25th 2010

I will be posting a picture of me with all of the scarves from month one...keep on checking back as it will be up soon! OK, it took me another month to actually post this picture. I'm knitting a scarf a day, I figure that's a good excuse!

Day 31, Scarf 31: The One Month Milestone

It's hard to believe but today is one month since I started knitting one scarf a day! I'm amazed that I haven't fallen way behind in my knitting. Somehow, the knitting is such a part of my routine now that I feel weird when I'm not knitting!

Today's scarf was particularly cozy, made with burgundy, black, and caramel coloured, fuzzy yarn. It is so soft and lovely to touch. Only 11 months until it finds a home...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 30, Scarf 30: Canadian Confetti

Today's scarf was a mix of white and red yarn but the red was very unique with flecks of green, yellow and orange. The red and white gave me the Canadian reference and the flecks made me think of confetti.

Max started eying this while I was knitting it. This happens every so often and I have to remind him that the scarves are not for him. When I've finished the project perhaps I will go out and buy some yarn to remake his favourites (somehow I don't think that they will be the same).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 29, Scarf 29: Grandma's Cream of Wheat

After a very cold day of walking around Vancouver it was a pleasure to come home and knit with three different balls of yarn, all donated by someone at my Dad's work, in soothing shades of oatmeal. As I knitted I was reminded of how my Grandma would always make me Cream of Wheat with sugar and cinnamon when I was sick. I could really go for a bowl right now.

Day 28, Scarf 28: Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire was made with the black yarn my cousin Diana donated and a multicoloured ball of yarn (reds, oranges and purples) donated by someone at my Dad's office. With the weather being so cold lately all I could think of as I knitted was how much the colours reminded me of sitting by a glowing campfire.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 27, Scarf 27: Midnight Sand

Yesterday's scarf was knitted quite early in the day as I was home sick from work. The scarf was knitted with two balls of yarn. The black yarn (midnight) was donated by Melissa and Matt and the sandy yarn (sand) was donated by someone at my Dad's work. It is so exciting to see how the word spreads and my knitting basket fills! Thank you to everyone that is helping me to reach the goal of 365 scarves in 365 days! I'd better get knitting!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 26, Scarf 26: Smurf the Whole Day Long

Mostly blue and white, with hints of pink and yellow, this scarf had me humming the Smurf theme song all the way through. I was reminded of the Smurfette doll I had as a little girl while I knitted today. I miss having play that I'm done knitting for the day, I need to pull the couch cushions off of the couch and make a fort!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 25, Scarf 25: Half and Half

Today was a day of feeling slightly confused as it was announced that some VSB teachers may be laid off this year (I am one of those teachers...). All day my mind felt like it was split between my work and the possibility of being laid off. As such, it is no surprise that today's scarf ended up with one end solid black and the other black with green! It truly is a half and half scarf!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 24, Scarf 24: In the Navy

Thanks to Melissa and Matt, I've been able to continue knitting. Yesterday they donated a whole bag full of yarn for me to use for this project and I was so grateful. My knitting basket was starting to look a little bit sparse but it looks much better now!

The navy coloured yarn used in this scarf was donated by Matt and Melissa. Matt admitted to me that he enjoys the cheesy names I give my scarves, so in his honour, I've named this scarf "In the Navy"! Hope you like it Matt!

Day 23, Scarf 23: Blue Scarf Blues

Well, this scarf was not actually the first that I made on Sunday. I started out knitting a royal blue and white scarf only to discover, while at my parents' place for dinner, that I didn't have enough of the royal blue to make a full scarf. I finished it off, leaving me with a little neck warmer and set about making my second scarf for the day in blue and white. This time round it was a lighter shade of blue. I felt like a machine knitting tonight because of how fast I needed to knit in order to get to bed at a reasonable hour! I got the blue scarf blues...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 22, Scarf 22: Cinnamon Bun Bliss

The highlight of knitting today's scarf was having company. My cousin Diana and my brother's girlfriend, Angela, came over to knit with me! We went to Uprising Breads first for a snack and Diana ended up buying a box of blueberry cinnamon buns. We each ate a cinnamon bun, went to Dressew to buy yarn, and then came back to my apartment to knit. It was a blissful day of knitting.

Day 21, Scarf 21: Mohair Monster at the Movies

Max and I had "date night" tonight. We went to the Thai House on Burrard and 6th, then to the Fifth Ave Cinema to see "Up in the Air". My knitting came along for the ride in my purse! All through the movie I knitted, people gave me a few funny looks but had nothing to say. I had hoped for a little bit of interaction but no so such luck. Mohair Monster at the Movies turned out surprisingly well considering I knitted the majority of it in the dark!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 20, Scarf 20: Rainy Day Tabby

Rainy Day Tabby was knitted with yarn leftover from the first scarf I knitted for Max (which was made about 9 years ago!). I never knew what to do with the leftovers of that beautiful dark and light gray yarn. Finally it has been put to use by combining it with a simple soft white yarn.

While I knitted, Abby (our tabby) curled up beside me on the couch. Together we listened to the rain coming down outside and the clicking of my knitting needles. What a relaxing evening.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 19, Scarf 19: Out of Hiding

Out of Hiding was made while watching a movie with Max and Abby on the couch. I'm sad to say that the movie was not great, but I am happy to report that Abby was happily batting at the yarn as I knitted along! She seems to be getting a bit more comfortable in the apartment and only goes into hiding when there is a really loud noise. Watch out yarn, Abby is back!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 18, Scarf 18: Make-do Christmas

Make-do Christmas was made with three different balls of yarn (burgundy, forest green, and white), all with different amounts left on them. All of my scarves so far have been pretty long but as I knitted this one I noticed that I did not seem to have as much white yarn as I had originally thought. As I came to the end of the white ball, I phoned my my cousin Diana to help me figure out what I should do. We decided that I would have to add tassels of burgundy and green to make up the length. Although I was skeptical at first, I think it actually turned out pretty well! I put it on to model it and was really quite pleased! This is the second time that I have been surprised with what my yarn (and creativity) can do!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 17, Scarf 17: Teddybear's Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic was knitted while sitting on the couch with Max and my cat Abby. Abby has finally come to live with us again after 5 years of living with my parents due to an apartment building that would not allow pets. My poor kitty is still quite nervous about being in a new environment and kept poking her head out from under her blue blanket (knitted by me, of course) to see what was going on! She was so cute and playful that while I knitted today's scarf, and recognized the woodsy colours I'd chosen, the song Teddy Bear's Picnic played on and on in my mind.

Day 16, Scarf 16: Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait was made while enjoying a lovely family dinner at my sister-in-law, Andrea's, house. I really didn't have any name in mind for this scarf while I knitted but that evening, after chatting on the phone with my Auntie D the name Cafe au Lait came to be.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 15, Scarf 15: Regal Beagle

Regal Beagle is a lovely combination of brown, white and navy blue yarn. I actually started making it yesterday only to discover, about half way through, that I did not have enough navy to complete it! Luckily, my wonderful cousin Diana took me to Dressew (my favourite place to buy yarn) so that I could purchase more yarn to finish it today! Ta da! It's done!

Day 14, Scarf 14: Strolling through the Woods

Strolling through the Woods was a very woodsy looking scarf. I restarted it twice because I just couldn't ge the width right! The funny thing is, I had originally started a completely different scarf but I quickly learned that I did not have enough yarn to finish it! Onto Strolling through the Woods to make my quota!

Day 13, Scarf 13: Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper is white and black and fuzzy all over! It was fun and quick to knit.

Day 12, Scarf 12: In the Desert

In the desert was actually knitted while I was in Cairo in December of 2009. The yarn used was purchased while I was in Turkey in November of 2009. I had saved this scarf for Purls of Warmth to remind myself of where I was when I came up with the idea for this project. We were so overwhelmed with unpacking in our new apartment that there was no way I would get a scarf done...although, I did start one for Day 13!

Day 11, Scarf 11: Blowing Blue Bubbles

Blowing Blue Bubbles was a real pain to knit but I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences in the end. I restarted this scarf three separate times because the yarn width was not consistent. Finally, in the end, it was a beautiful scarf!

Day 10, Scarf 10: O Candycane

O Candycane had to be the name of this scarf because of the red and white. Canada and candy canes all rolled into one. The red was left over from Red Red Heart! I use every little bit of yarn!

Day 9, Scarf 9: Last Minute Rush

Last Minute Rush was nearly finished late. We had so much to do with all of the moving that I didn't have time to knit during the day! Therefore, I sat in bed knitting like a mad woman until it was done at around 12am!

Day 8, Scarf 8: Moving Madness

Moving Madness was created as Max and I drove back and forth between our new apartment and his parents' house (where all of our stuff was stored). I would help load and unload the car and then was back in the passenger seat knitting! It truly was madness!

Day 7, Scarf 7: Quatchi Scotchy

Untangling the yarn for Quatchi Scotchi

Quatchi Scotchy came to be at my friend Marnie's house on New Year's Eve. I had a tiny sip of scotch which I have to say was not to my liking. As I knitted I asked around to see what everyone at the party thought I should call this scarf. Marnie said it reminded her of Quatchi (one of the Olympics mascots). Minutes later the name came. I finished the scarf shortly after midnight.

Day 6, Scarf 6: New Year's at Tiffany's

New Year's at Tiffany's is my tribute to the classic Tiffany blue. It was knitted while enjoying fondue at my friend Marnie's house on New Year's Eve.

Day 5, Scarf 5: Honeydew

Day 4, Scarf 4: Dewey Melon

Day 3, Scarf 3: Going on a Bear Hunt

Going on a Bear Hunt was made with yarn given to me by my mother. She had originally purchased the yarn for my Grandma Yvonne who made my Mum a crocheted toilet paper cover...the rest is history!

Day 2, Scarf 2: I'm Lichen It

Day 1, Scarf 1: Red Red Heart

It has begun! Red Red Heart was knitted on Boxing Day 2009 as I visited with my parents and inlaws after the holiday craziness. This yarn was donated by my sister-in-law.

I finally gave in and made a blog!

Well, everyone keeps asking me to make a blog for Purls of Warmth so here we go!

Purls of Warmth began on December 26th, 2009. The goal: to knit one scarf everyday for an entire year. Come Christmas time 2010 I will hand all of the scarves out to those in need.

Every scarf I make is named and photographed. I will post pictures of the scarves (with their names) periodically. I plan to blog at least once a week, my hands are fairly busy with all the knitting!

If you have any yarn that you would like to donate to this project I would be forever grateful!

Be warm!