Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 17, Scarf 17: Teddybear's Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic was knitted while sitting on the couch with Max and my cat Abby. Abby has finally come to live with us again after 5 years of living with my parents due to an apartment building that would not allow pets. My poor kitty is still quite nervous about being in a new environment and kept poking her head out from under her blue blanket (knitted by me, of course) to see what was going on! She was so cute and playful that while I knitted today's scarf, and recognized the woodsy colours I'd chosen, the song Teddy Bear's Picnic played on and on in my mind.


  1. You still amaze me! I find that when I knit or crochet, Lucy and Vincent want to get involved (our cats) so I try to hid the fact from them. Not always successful.

  2. Oh I know what you mean about the cats! Abby is usually all wrapped up in my yarn as I knit but I think that the shock of being in a new environment has made her a little more cautious. Just wait...soon you will get to hear all about my crazy cat that will not let me knit!