Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 95, Scarf 95: Chili

Today's scarf was knitted right before my friend Shannon came over. We headed out to Ginger Chili Restaurant for some much needed Chinese food. Yum! This scarf was knitted with multiple shades of red and reminds me of the chilies that were all over our food!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 94, Scarf 94: Stormy Weather

On a gray and stormy day it only seemed appropriate to knit a chunky gray scarf. It's warm and cozy for those stormy days!

Day 93, Scarf 93: Snuggles on the Sofa

This scarf was knitted on a lazy sort of Sunday. Max, Abby (our cat) and I had a little nap on the sofa in the afternoon while the weather started to get gloomy. After our relaxing nap, I set about making a scarf with stormy blues and grays.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 92, Scarf 92: A Sunny Disposition

Keeping with the same colour palate as yesterday, I decided to call this scarf "A Sunny Disposition" because that is what I feel I have had for the past few days. Having mostly recovered from being sick, I am starting to remember what life was like pre-sick. It is amazing how much more energy you have when you no longer have a nagging cough and relentless headache!

Day 91, Scarf 91: I got a Golden Ticket

Okay, so it wasn't a golden ticket, but I did receive my acceptance letter from the UBC Masters in Music Education program! Today's scarf was knitted in shades of gold, with a little bit of green and pink thrown in. All of this beautiful yarn was donated by someone I have never met named Diana. The yarn she donated is absolutely spectacular because it is all alpaca, silk, bamboo, and wool!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 90, Scarf 90: Three Month Milestone

It's hard to believe, but I'm at the three month mark now! Today's scarf was knitted with two shades of green silk/alpaca yarn. Gorgeous! There will be a photo to follow...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 89, Scarf 89: Warming Hearts

Today's scarf was knitted after an amazing day at work. We had an assembly to recognize our fundraising efforts for Covenant house and when my choir of 54 students sang "We are the World" with live piano and drum accompaniment they actually brought members of our staff and the spokesman from Covenant House to tears! The choir's singing created a more emotional connection to all we had accomplished in fundraising and truly warmed the hearts of those in the audience.

Day 88, Scarf 88: Blush

Day 88's scarf was knitted with two shades of pale pink yarn. The colour of the scarf reminded me of the way my cheeks looked after walking home in the cold after going out to purchase some much needed decongestants.

Day 87, Scarf 87: Abby's Choice

Day 87's scarf was knitted before Max and I went out for dinner. I left the lovely blue scarf on our couch only to come home and find that Abby had decided that it was her scarf! She was all curled up on it and was happily purring away!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 86, Scarf 86: Skein by Skein

Well, today I truly mastered the art of taking a skein of yarn and turning it into a ball by myself. I discovered that if I wrap the skein around my knees I can easily start making a ball of yarn without grabbing random pieces of furniture from around the house. I'll have to post a video of me doing it at some point...it's something to see! Today's scarf was knitted with a total of 5 balls of yarn all in shades of pink and blue, all hand wrapped into balls by me!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 85, Scarf 85: Sweet Sixteen

Today was my niece Savannah's 16th birthday party. I didn't realize that the theme colour for the party was pink...had I known I would have gone out and purchased some pink yarn to honour this special day. Instead, I chose to knit a sparkly blue scarf to match Savannah's eyes. Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Day 84, Scarf 84: Division 4

Today I taught my grade 6 class how to cast-on! They will be knitters very soon. When I asked what colour today's scarf should be they said, "purple and turquoise" and when I asked for a name they said, "Division 4"! Can you guess which division they might be? Well Division 4, I did it just for you!

Day 83, Scarf 83: Gray Thursday

This scarf was knitted with three balls of gray yarn. It's kind of funny that I chose to knit a gray scarf today because it was a beautiful sunny day! I guess the gray has to do with my still feeling sick.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 82, Scarf 82: Feeling Gray on a Sunny Day

This black, white and gray scarf was knitted while I sat on the couch trying to get rid of my hacking cough. Somehow, I don't know how, it always seems to get sunny outside when I am feeling gray and sick inside. I hope that the sunny weather will infiltrate our apartment and help me to get better quickly.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 81, Scarf 81: Napping and Knitting

This red and white scarf was knitted after a day of napping on the couch with Abby. I stayed home sick from work because of a killer sinus headache and hacking cough and it looks like I'll be home again tomorrow.

Day 80, Scarf 80: Scarlet O'Headache

Today's scarf was knitted with beautiful scarlet coloured yarn donated by my Uncle Billy. Unfortunately, I had an excruciating headache and terrible hacking cough while I knitted. I have decided to call in sick for tomorrow.

Day 79, Scarf 79: Homeward Bound

After an extremely relaxing weekend, Max and I packed up the red BMW and headed back home. We were both sad to be leaving as we were so relaxed and happy up at the cabin. This scarf was knitted as we drove and reminisced about all of the good times we had at the cabin.

Day 78, Scarf 78: Blue Skies in Oroville

Well, it seems that my wishful knitting worked! We woke to the sun beaming in the window and a temperature of 15 degrees! The weather was fantastic and after eating breakfast Max and I went on a long walk into town and back. When we returned I started knitting a scarf with blue and white in honour of the beautiful sunny skies.

Day 77, Scarf 77: Hoping for Blue Skies

After spending the previous evening driving to the family cabin in Oroville, Washington Max and I woke up to gray skies on Friday morning. We were so glad to be getting a break from the city but were really hoping that the rain and clouds would disappear. This scarf was knitted entirely with blue yarn in hopes of blue skies to come!

Day 76, Scarf 76: Starry Skies of Manning

This scarf was knitted as we drove through Manning Park at night with the sunroof open. When I looked up to the skies I could see thousands of stars and it was absolutely gorgeous! This scarf was made with 2 balls of forest green yarn and a single ball of baby blue. In my mind I see the blue as the stars and the green as all the trees in Manning Park.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 72, Scarf 72: UTI, why, oh why?

This morning I woke to Abby meowing in a strange way and after a bit of detective work (I'll spare you the details) I became suspicious of a possible urinary tract infection. After calling around to many animal hospitals we finally found one that was open and did not require an appointment. We rushed her in but ended up sitting in a waiting room for about 2 hours. The vet agreed that a UTI seemed the most likely cause for her discomfort and expelling of liquids outside the litterbox. Now we have a kitty that is a little bit doped up on antibiotics. I knitted today's blue, red and black scarf while Abby purred lovingly. I hope she recovers quickly...

Day 71, Scarf 71: Wine and Cheese

After a day out on the town, Max and I learned from our friend Daryn that we had been invited to a wine and cheese party at our friends' place. There was a huge spread of cheese and I think we all left feeling we had gained a good 10 pounds of cheese weight! The atmosphere was rather relaxed so I was able to nibble and knit! My friend Marnie commented that the bit of red in the scarf represents the Merlot...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 70, Scarf 70: Into the Night

This scarf was started before we headed out to the Basia Bulat concert at St. James Hall. The scarf is named after her song, "Into the Night". It was an amazing night complete with meeting one of the backup singers' mom, acapella performance, pizza at Uncle Fatih's, and ice cream at La Casa Gelato! Oh what a delicious night!

Day 69, Scarf 69: Blue Queen's heART

Before starting this scarf, my friend from work, Kecia, took me to Queens Art in North Vancouver. It turned out that the store was closing and everything was on sale for 50% off or more! I ended up buying a whole bunch of yarn and knitting needles so that I can get my grade 6 students knitting! When I got home I was so pleased with all of my purchases so I named a scarf in their honour.

Day 68, Scarf 68: Staring at Goats

This pink and burgundy scarf was knitted while watching the movie, "Men who Stare at Goats". As I knitted, I was reminded of my sister-in-law, Andrea's wedding because these are the colours she used in her wedding decor.

Day 67, Scarf 67: Dusty Rose

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 66: Paper Heart

Today's scarf was knitted while watching "Paper Heart" with Max. It was so nice to just snuggle up with my husband and knit! This scarf was made using the yarn donated by Shawn's mom - 2 balls of pink and one purple.

Day 65, Scarf 65: Snowy Forest

This scarf was knitted while watching Canada take on USA in the gold medal game. What an intense match! Thankfully, we won!!