Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 110, Scarf 110: For my Fabulous Family

Jenn shows off her yarn winding skills.

Cousin Diana is so proud of her yarn winding skills!

Uncle Billy helps out winding yarn at Easter.

Simon is a speedy yarn winder!

Today's scarf was knitted for my family because they are so amazing. I was thinking back to Easter Sunday (about a week and a half ago) and how my cousins, aunt, uncle, great uncle and dad all set about helping me to wind yarn. It was amazing! We were all winding our yarn in time to the Jamaican music playing on the stereo and singing along. I love my family for being so supportive. What other family can say that they were winding yarn at Easter?

"For my Fabulous Family" is knitted with black, green and gold to represent my Jamaican roots.

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